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Monday, March 27, 2006

Trade Jaipur - Complete Source of Business

We introduce as an Major Internet Directory and a commercial network of unique technology and service that will deliver information faster to a web user.

What is all about? It will be all found in business web directory, yellow pages, shopping, travel and entertainment. It means it has been conceived to deliver a broad range of information, service and search to web users at a more efficient pace. In other words it will inform the web user of all that Jaipur and Rajasthan has to offer to them in terms of products, services and tourism.

The concept was born out Jaipur’s need to vibe with rest of the world. The product and services of Rajasthan now need more to be present on the web so that their seekers can access them at any time. will provide your market whether national or international that cutting edge it was waiting will be linked to the best and all search engines. That is if anybody is searching for any service or product that is related to Jaipur or Rajasthan will find a link to for his search. will be a lively and interactive Internet Source. With all this and a lot more, you will agree that is the media that you have been waiting for.